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Kui Parks is pleased to offer a unique service to all caravan park owners and managers in the form of Park Talk. An online blog. Why a blog for caravan parks? With a growing RV industry the integrity and future for many parks is under enormous threat and pressure. We recognise that there are many challenges and issues faced by park owners in running a park - especially from external forces. The Park Talk blog does not focus on these issues, but rather focusses on those areas within a Park business that can be influenced and help drive business success

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The blogs do not dig deeper into all the negativity and issues revolving around the issue of free camps, council and shire pressures and competition etc. We are not here to get into the politics of these issues. There is enough going on in this area. These are often EXTERNAL issues that many caravan parks have little control or influence on!

What Park Talk will focus on!

Park Talk aims to focus on the things you can impact - the INTERNAL factors. This is a blog for all caravan parks that have a passion for their customers and their parks. Park Talk will focus on subjects not commonly reviewed in many of the formal publications available. Park Talk is about providing discussion items on how parks can IMPROVE their own business performance through improved customer satisfaction and by improving the way they present their park and deliver services to your guests. This is about taking the elements and resources they can manage and ensuring they are getting the most from them. Our goal is to help caravan parks grow their businesses and increase occupancy by focusing on what really matters. A happy customer is a returning customer.

Join us on a journey of making our parks appreciated, valued and enjoyed by our guests.

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