10 Tips to Beat the Fuel Price!

Post date: Thursday, 9 November 2023 - 1:12pm

Welcome to the first of 10 tips to consider to help manage the high fuel prices. You can still get on the road, but maybe just a bit different. Different is good!


START EARLY. Especially if you are located in the southern states get on the road now, while the weather is still great in the south!


TRAVEL SHORTER DISTANCES. Be adventurous and travel less. Go to towns, places, destinations you have never visited before.


STAY LONGER. When you get to your destination, stop, unhitch, put the awning out and stay a number of days or even a week or longer.


TAKE ADVANTAGE. Take advantage of the Specials that Caravan Parks offer for longer stays. Helps the budget and ensures you get to relax more


STICK TO YOUR FUEL BUDGET. If you travel on a budget, go as far as the budget allows


GET A FUEL PRICE APP. There are a number of great apps around that tell you prices in the region. Make that part of your journey. If you get a good price, stop and fill up


EMPTY THE VAN. As a frequent traveller myself, I am surprised at how much stuff we accumulate on our travels. Everything that has not been used on the last trip is taken out the van, reducing weight and improving fuel consumption


WATER TANKS. If you know you are travelling to another park soon, don’t fill the water tanks, as you will just be dragging more weight around. Take just what you need on the road


VEHICLE CLEAN OUT. One for the blokes. We all love to take a lot of ‘stuff’ as well, such as tools etc. Great to do a clean out here as there is always someone out there that will have what you need. Take the basics and leave the rest in the garage/workshop


TRAVELLING NORTH. It would be great to get to the top end, but maybe this time, take your time exploring on your way up and make the loop a bit smaller than usual. There is always next year again!