Time's up! Check in and Check out!

Post date: Tuesday, 23 August 2022 - 9:04pm
Check In Check Out

I guess we have all experienced this? You cannot check into a hotel, motel, B&B or any accommodation for that matter, without being told that Check IN is 2.00 pm and Check OUT is 10.00 am. Somehow, as travellers, some of us have started to ignore that message. In fact in reading the many reviews around, some are even upset that parks are insisting on a 2.00pm check in. Is there a case for the one or the other?

The case for the traveller!

Many travelling nomads do not travel huge distances as their journey is often at a slow and relaxed pace. So the next destination may just be a couple of hours away, generally. As early risers we like to be out on the road early, looking to set up at that next stop, to unwind and relax. Some, as we know use the opportunity to re-stock, do laundry and more, between other forms of camping. For many, the park is just a place to stop, so why not get there early - there are no beds that have to be made or site serviced (or so it appears!).

The case for the caravan park!

Most owner occupied parks also have servicing to do after guests leave. Sites may need servicing, mowing, pruning, watering, gardening and more. Not only that, but at this crucial time, between 10 and 2, many parks also need to get the facilities cleaned up and serviced including amenities and laundry and camp kitchen. For many smaller parks this is time away from the office taking care of jobs that need to be done. Cabins have to be serviced and made ready for the next inflow of guests. Regular Check in between 10 and 2 does cause a bit of angst amongst some parks as this is the time they get these chores done (especially the owner operated parks with limited staff support).

So what can be done to remedy this issue?

As a traveller, I have been guilty of this expectation of just pitching when I want. Maybe we should consider calling the park to check if it's convenient? If it's not convenient, try not to get upset and understand why the 2.00 Check-in is in place. Maybe it's an opportunity to take the time to do some shopping or visit a local tourist attraction. Why not visit the local information centre, to get some ideas on what to do in the area, or park up next to one of the many beautiful parks in the local towns and enjoy a quiet lunch before wandering up to the caravan park. I am sure the park owners would appreciate it. 

It's all about empathy - a level of understanding for the position of another - or as they say 'walking in the shoes of another' and seeing it from their perspective. Let's take time out to do just that! In fact - it's also a good excuse to stop and stay a bit longer.