Make my Day, or Not!

Post date: Tuesday, 24 August 2021 - 9:32am
Make My Day

The day started just right. A magnificent Queensland Outback day. Sun shining, blue sky, open road…. just love it. I pulled into a town to visit a park to introduce Kui Parks. That is the beauty of travelling where you can meet many strangers and enjoying a friendly chat or greeting. It's what makes the experience so good. Not something one experiences on the streets of the 'big smoke'!

On introducing myself to the owner, the experience got a dampener!
The owner I met was cold, rude, aggressive, abrupt and unfriendly! In addition, the interaction took place in front of 2 other guests who were checking in! Talk about bursting the beautiful day bubble. It's interesting how these experiences make you feel. How one interaction with another person can completely change your mood and the rest of the day. 

Oh Well! Not a Kui then!  As ‘Friendly Staff’ is core to our values, that was a big FAIL! it made me realise just how impotrtant it was to have that personable and friendly interaction with a park owner and other travellers. It makes the day so much better.  Interestingly, I have also heard of travellers not having a 'good day' when checking into a park!  I guess we all them at some time or another.

Have you ever had an experience just like it?

Bottom line is - It's best to keep enjoying ourselves out there.  Be friendly, courteous, kind, engaging and, above all, smile - it makes every ones day a better one!  Have a Great Day!