Don't Ever Get Lost Again!

Post date: Tuesday, 12 February 2019 - 1:21pm
Don't Ever Get Lost Again

An exciting NEW addition to the Kui Parks web pages is ///what3words. The latest and most advanced capability to provide a precise location for you on your travels. ///what3words have divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3 word address. ///what3words is useful where street addresses don’t exist and provides a level of specificity when they are not accurate enough. The ///what3words system is fixed and will never change. It provides a consistent location language. There is currently a global roll out of this new location finder.

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How can ///what3words help you, our travelling nomads?

Caravan parks, homes, businesses etc all have fixed addresses and are easy to locate with GPS systems, however, as guests travel they may visit many tourist places (with no fixed address) or loose their way while travelling, or get stuck on a long stretch of road. Imagine, taking a bush walk and to be able to position yourself exactly anywhere on this planet. 

The use of GPS co-ordinates is difficult for the majority of people while ///what3words will be an easy way of positioning yourself or finding a location within a 3m x 3m square. Using the ///what3words app will provide a super accurate location of your position, or the position of someone you are meeting on the road. 

Many of the most amazing places in the world don’t have an address. ///what3words is helping travel and tourism businesses share the locations of their properties, and local tourist locations with their guests in a simple way. A survey by ///what3words has found that 72% of travellers experience difficulties finding the location of the places they are visiting.  Unsurprisingly, 71% of respondents find these involuntary detours frustrating.

Support of Emergency Services

Although not integrated fully into Australia as yet, the introduction o f///what3words will make a significant impact on the ability for Emergency Services to locate anyone in Australia to within a 3 x 3m area anywhere in the country. We believe this will become the mainstay for emergency services and will potentially save millions of dollars in searches, if we can be located within a 3m x 3m square. Imagine the possibilities?

How will you be able to access ///what3words?

It is so easy to download the app ///what3wordsand begin locating your own position or search the position of a friend or specific location using the 3 words.

To Download the App, click here  

what3words app for apple

what3words app for android


​The App is not dissimilar from Google Maps, however the accuracy of locating any position is superb - right down to a 3 x 3m square. It could be finding friends in a crowded space, or on a camp site. It could be locating a specific entrance, that may not be in a formal address system. The app can be downloaded onto your iphone, smartphone, ipad or tablet .Best of all its costs $0!

What does this mean for Kui Parks?

1. As the very first Tourism company in Australia to initialise ///what3words, Kui will lead the way in helping you, our guests make more of your travels

2. All our parks have already got their own ///what3words address in the Kui website park profiles

3. This is a great opportunity to add the ///what3words address to all tourist options, locations, camp sites and so much more . We are working with our parks to support you with the addresses of these locations to make your journey and experience easier.


Kui Parks believes that this will become a MUST HAVE app for all travellers, as it will provide the most accurate location of any position anywhere in Australia, with the ability to locate and find hard to find places.

Kui Parks is the first Tourism organisation in Australia to roll out ///what3words.