Kui Parks is committed to providing you the best possible service, and to this end, we have established a FAQ section to address commonly asked questions.

These questions will also be used to help continually improve the product and service we offer.

So please let us know if we have missed anything or you have any questions on what we offer which is not clear.

We would be delighted to address these questions.

Why should I join Kui Parks?

Kui Parks has been set up especially to meet the need of the travelling nomad. Recent research has shown, once again, that nomads are seeking value for money and do not want to pay high overnight rates for facilities they do not use. Kui Parks is establishing a national network of parks that deliver on the 4 criteria most often expected by nomads: clean amenities, well maintained sites, value for money and friendly staff. So if you are looking for what matters, we would love to welcome you to visit one of our growing network of caravan parks. Join today!

What is different between Kui Parks and other caravan park franchises?

Kui Parks has been set up as a result of extensive research, and the fact that there is a specific unmet need in the market. Other groups of caravan parks have positioned themselves as family and destination parks, offering a wide range of excellent facilities to families and holiday makers. Kui Parks has, however, recognized that little has been done to meet the needs of the travelling nomad. Research has identified key criteria important to them, namely, clean amenities, well maintained sites, value for money and friendly staff. This is what Kui Parks offer - meeting the needs of the nomad. Many of the Kui Parks may not have the jumping pillows, tennis courts etc., but what they do offer is exactly what nomads are looking for. We have recognized that many great parks are offering exactly this but are little known. Kui Parks wants to raise the profile of the parks that tailor to the needs of the travelling nomad.

What do Kui Parks caravan parks offer?

Kui Parks are all privately owned parks offering well maintained sites, clean amenities, friendly and welcoming staff and value for money. All Kui Parks Members are offered a 10% discount on their overnight stay. Some of the Kui Parks offer even more incentives to stay in their parks for longer. Feel free to ask the Kui Park you visit.

How can I locate a Kui Parks caravan park?

Our website www.kuiparks.com.au provides a quick and easy way to locate a Kui Parks caravan park near you. Please note that as we are growing, this site will be updated regularly with our newest member parks. The search function is easy to use, or you may select the state and identify a park there. Kui Parks will be providing an online PDF version of all our parks in the coming months, so watch this space.

What is the cost of becoming a Member of Kui Parks?

As an introductory offer you can become a loyalty member of Kui Parks for 24 months for just just $28 (GST Incl). Your membership fee is quickly earned back by means of the discounts offered to our member parks.

Do Kui Parks offer any other discounts besides the 10% for overnight stays?

Kui Parks would love to have you stay longer at their parks. The towns and areas where Kui Parks caravan parks are located offer great sites and attractive offers to keep you staying longer than planned. Many of our parks offer you additional discounts at certain times of the year, or if you decide to stay longer than a week in addition to your 10% discount. We encourage you to ask. Each Kui Parks caravan park has the option to structure their own additional discounts over and above the 10% discounts, based on their occupancy and setting.

Are Kui Parks caravan parks pet friendly?

Nearly all the Kui Parks caravan parks are pet friendly, however some parks may not be pet friendly due to council or location restrictions.
pet friendly (conditions may apply)How will you know? Each Park in our Park Finder has a list of features that it offers its guests. This can be found on the right hand side of the park page with a number of other feature icons. You will see the icon that will indicate 'pet friendly’.


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